Shirin Tabeshfar

Shirin is a London base contemporary artist. A graduate of Behzad School of Fine Art in Tehran, at the age of 18 Shirin moved to Britain and studied Graphic design at Bath Academy of Art and further at University of West London.

Having had a multicultural life, Shirin likes to explore and expand the feeling of time and place; a journey through her environment whether domestic or political. Perhaps these abstract planes are thoughts that are reflected in her paintings. 

Every single canvas that I paint I never know what it's going to unfold. A new language starts in each painting. My discovery of the new language is unique for each painting yet universal in all, made up with pattern and symbols. Sometimes I creat a fictional landscape that allows me to ignore all the rules. Other times it's to bring back a sense of the past, a brief moment.

Ongoing project. Semblance 

The central idea of this project is semblance. By which I mean I try to force my thoughts back into some ‘semblance of order.

Semblance comes from the 14th-century French word for “resemble" and it is a noun for things that look one way on the outside but are very different on the inside. The state of being somewhat like something but not truly or fully the same thing.

Reshaping Persian decorative motifs that are used in common objects make the familiar unfamiliar.

The result being a sense of freedom, a freedom to go back to past memories.

Shirin’s work is held in private collections in the UK, Germany, France and USA.

Paintings are on display at Josie Eastwood Fine Art (Hampshire) and Cricket Fine Art (London).

Website Instagram : @Shirin_tabeshfar