Agata Di Masternak

In my idea of beauty there is no glamour aspect. My work relates immediately to how I feel about life. My whole life has been in the pursuit of the truth. The most interesting for me is to deepen myself, my mind, into a human body, the head in particular. For me painting is necessity. It is placing myself outside my own experience.

It gives the privilege of being looked at and the pleasure of investigation of what could be painted. I picture people recovering from their own stories. The most important part for me is to paint people with respect to authenticity and their spirit. I was preoccupied with the idea of making private biography public. It was a reaction to certain kind of repressiveness. I do not paint people as they are. I paint them as I feel them to be. This is my private investigation into their character and personality. I explore my subject to the very boundaries between life and death. My models reflect the transcendent act of crossing the border of souls living in the body. My medium is ancient yet powerful- watercolour and ink. The intensity of the colour varies, yet remains full just like tasting life for the last time before death.